Jumping Into An Infinity Pool Wearing Wedding Dresses = YES

Real life couple Jess and Lauren decided to celebrate their love in the midst of high summer, 2019 with a styled elopement photo and video shoot. Jess conveniently works as a seasoned bridal consultant at Lamb’s Hill Bridal Boutique in the city of Beacon, New York. From this, the idea was borne for the perfectly unique styled elopement of our dreams. 

At the close of business day, we ‘absconded' with some jaw dropping gowns and killer jumpsuits from Justin Alexander, Lillian West and Hayley Paige. The most perfect team of wedding pros assembled to create magicThe afternoon became a game of dressing up and having a blast white shooting at one of the Hudson Valley’s most unique and intimate wedding venues - the sister property to Lamb’s Hill Bridal Boutique and the literally heavenly site of Lamb’s Hill Venue. 

The route to Lamb’s Hill is a such a special trip. Climbing the winding goat trail road is certainly a fun ride as you ascend the eponymous ‘hill’. The whole way up, the feeling builds more and more that the view at the summit is going to be out of this world. When you reach the top, looking out on the town of Beacon, the mighty Hudson, and the sprawling hazy foothills of the Catskill mountains your breath is taken from you. It truly is a magnificent window that shows exactly why the Hudson Valley is heralded as one of the most gorgeous and sought after wedding destinations in New York. 

Our gracious host, Charlotte Gurnsey, visionary owner behind the bridal shop and venue, has created one of the most beautiful landscapes accompanied by an unmatched sprawling vista, it’s everything you could ever ask for in a Hudson Valley wedding experience. The property is cut out of the hillside slope, with a sprawling ceremony lawn, barn, reception hall, and infinity pool invokes similarities to a secret garden in the south of France or a perfect Tuscan vineyard. 

There’s one word that comes to mind to describe this elopement - heat. In all senses of the word. The passion and love between our couple could only be described as thus. In the midst of July, on a mountaintop reaching to the sky the invocation of the word heat was an understatement to say the least. But as the day came to a close Jess and Lauren decided to celebrate the day by succumbing to the draw of the infinity pool to cool off. Did they take the time to change out of their wedding dresses? Not so much….

The Team: Photography: AJL Studio