Fair Warning: I stand on chairs at your wedding reception to get these shots...

Your wedding is a celebration. I enjoy capturing the intimate moments of your engagement, ceremony, and capturing your newlywed portraiture. There's so much beauty in these calm moments.

Then comes the storm. Two families coming together as one on the dance floor!

Your wedding gathers together your families and groups of friends to celebrate your love. Maybe you come from similar or vastly different walks of life, when it comes down to the dance floor - that's the great equalizer. And of course, everyone's unconditional love of you both. Is your wedding the first time a lot of your families meet? Have they known each other years and followed along as your love story grew? Whatever the trajectory, it ALWAYS leads up to some crazy uncle dance off, conga line started by your cousins, or 80's rock ballad belting competition lead by your aunties under the spotlights. I just absolutely love capturing these memories.

Here's a collection of my favorite images from families and friends getting funky in celebration of you!

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