Photography Starts With Trust ... and how could you not trust a face like this?

This is a photo of me at a wedding. I was mid funky dance move whilst singing when I realized I was caught by the (fantastic and very talented) wedding photographer's lens. Precious, no? I like to keep things light and not so serious!

I'm a Hudson Valley based wedding photographer, and I love taking pictures of people in love on their wedding day. What could possibly be a better subject? Working with a couple who are down for some fun and are laid back about their wedding shenanigans in general brings me great happiness. Your wedding day doesn't have to be this stressful crazy event - in fact it should be the opposite and you should be having a BALL, totally happy and very content and relaxed'!

I'm here to help make your momentous day fun, carefree, and exciting!

Here Are Some Sentiments from my Wonderful Clients :



“THE BEST PHOTOS! If you're looking for someone that will go above and beyond what you expect from a photographer and your wedding photos, Alex is your man. Everyone who saw my photos said he really captured the spirit and energy of our celebration. My brother, who had his wedding earlier in the year, said he thought Alex’s were the best wedding photos he'd ever seen. He was quick to answer emails met with me a handful of times to determine what I wanted (cont...)”

Alex and Meg in the HV

We moved up to Poughkeepsie, the Queen City of the Hudson Valley, in 2017 by way of Inwood in Manhattan. Along with my lady Meg and our two hound dogs Chief Brody and Charles Bradley (and one ball python named Monty who's so cute and sweet I swear!) we moved north to meet new friends, enjoy our best outdoor life, and get our farm-to-table foodie souls fulfilled. We both love weddings - and we share the same mission - celebration! Let's have some fun creating the wedding of your dreams come true together!

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