Photography starts with trust...and how could you not trust a face like this?

Spontaneous. Jovial. Energetic. Colorful.

That's AJL. My work. My aesthetic. My language. My vibe. The promise of The Upstatesman...but who or what exactly IS the Upstatesman?

The Upstatesman takes it easy, as should you. The Upstatesman is a gentleman and a professional, always available to answers questions, or make great coffee before we set off to the Catskills for a photo session. The Upstatesman is my ideal life in photography in the Hudson Valley, New York State. It's a state of mind, being and soul. Like I said, it's my promise to everyone I work with, that I bring my whole heart and soul to our relationship in picture taking, and it's truly a wonderful experience.

I love taking photos of people in love, and the loving family and friends that surround you on your wedding day. This day shouldn't be a stressful, crazy event you need to "worry" about. It should be the opposite, and I'm here to help you enjoy every moment of it. Let's have some fun people!

So give me a holler if you're looking for someone to make your big day and everything leading up to it just a little easier, and dare I say, a little sillier? There's a reason why my couples are guffawing in photos - I'm a pretty funny guy if I do say so myself ; )

Precious, no?



“THE BEST PHOTOS! If you're looking for someone that will go above and beyond what you expect from a photographer and your wedding photos, Alex is your man. Everyone who saw my photos said he really captured the spirit and energy of our celebration. My brother, who had his wedding earlier in the year, said he thought Alex’s were the best wedding photos he'd ever seen. He was quick to answer emails met with me a handful of times to determine what I wanted (cont...)”

The Upstatesman & Co.

My lady Meg and I moved to Poughkeepsie, the Queen City of the Hudson Valley, by way of Manhattan and we never looked back. We ventured north along with our two hound dogs, Chief Brody & Charles Bradley, and Monty the ball python (yup, true story).

We both work in the industry (Meg makes magic with flowers and she's so nice too!) and what better place to celebrate and help create peoples love stories than the HV?

We've can't wait to meet you and see how your wedding story unfolds!

~Alex & Meg

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